Mash 400 Adventure

Mash 400 Adventure
Mash 400 Adventure

The Mash 400 Adventure is a bike that I have never seen in the flesh. Based on the Sinis serious of bikes out of China the 400 Adventure has a Honda XBR400cc single cylinder engine built under licence in China.

The XBR400 platform is known to be a good solid, reliable power plant and so if this has been built to the same standards then it could have potential.

Coming in at around 150kg this bike would certainly meet our weight considerations but how it would hold up on a 20,000 mile trip is an unknown.

The bike is cheap, at £3999.00 including luggage, it’s hard to beat price wise.

As for parts and dealer backup on a long trip we’ve no idea what to expect.

I’m seeking out a Mash dealer that actually has one in the showroom for me to have a look at and maybe even a test ride.

If you own one or have first hand experience leave me a comment below as I’d like to know more about this good looking little bike.

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