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Feral Moto is the 'dream come true' of Mike, a motorcycle fanatic since the age of 4 who has always had an obsession with anything on 2 wheels and at times with a sidecar strapped on for good measure!

Having grown up in a motorcycling family I was always tinkering with engines and motorcycles in general learning from a very young age how things hung together.

Having ridden off road competitively when young and foolish I soon learnt that when you break something you have to repair it and so I've never been afraid of the spanners.

Getting my road licence at the age of 17 (centuries ago!) I have toured all over Europe on different bikes, something I still enjoy today with my most recent trip being a ride to Venice and back with my wife.

Now that I'm old and grey I've retired from the normal run of the mill office work that I used to do and now concentrate solely on my hobby and passion, building motorcycles, something many would love to do!

You can follow my bike building adventures via the Feral Moto Twitter and Instagram feeds.

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